Akon’s ‘astonishing’ message for Imran Khan, Pakistan

Grammy grant winning craftsman Akon is visiting Pakistan to perform in two urban areas – and recorded an uncommon message for the general population of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In a yell out video to Khan in front of his visit, Akon stated:

“Yo, Imran Khan, It’s ya kid Akon, I’m anticipating coming to Pakistan, are you prepared for me,” the “Smack That” hit-producer said.

Khan’s online networking group has recognized the ‘stunning message’ and reposted it on his official page.

Akon will touch base in Karachi and Lahore to perform shows between April 26-29.

He will execute as a piece of a football legends occasion including previous stars, Ricardo Kak√° and Figo, who touched base in Karachi a week ago on Thursday, The Express Tribune revealed.

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